Jessica Rotolo

Jessica Rotolo loves acting, dancing and musicals. She has just finished grade 12 at Heydon Park Secondary School. She sits on the Student Council, sings in the choir and her favourite subjects are gym and drama. Volunteering is an important part of Jessica’s life and she has been involved with many organizations including YPT, Best Buddies, Down Syndrome Association of Toronto (DSAT), DramaWay and more! In her spare time, she loves going for lunch and movie with a friend (often seeing a flick multiple times. To date, she has seen Beauty and the Beast four times!). For the past 5 years, Jessica has been acting with DramaWay. Each year she performs in a play. Currently, she is working on a sci-fi themed play, Galaxy Trek of the Star Guardians. Jessica will be bringing her outgoing and brave personality to the role of Darth Serious (aka Darth Vader).