An Enriching Equation

By Claire Rouleau, YPT Resident Artist Educator

Between my pink beehive and dangly gold earrings, and above the sound of my heart racing post-dance number on stage at YPT, I could hear the whispers, questions and comments from young viewers sitting in the dark theatre. In fact, most friends and family who came to see Seussical had more to say about the curious audience members around them than about my retro moves. This level of engagement always affirmed for me that we were making an impact. Just like the tiny citizens of Whoville, who tried so hard to be heard, we were being heard by young hearts and minds.

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“Yes, And!”

By Noah Spitzer, YPT Resident Artist Educator

I was teaching a workshop on James and Giant Peach, and I noticed that – as often happens in group work – students were cutting down each other’s ideas for scenes, and offering up their own ideas instead. This was creating a lot of division (and it wasn’t particularly kind) so I stopped the group, remembering something I had learned years ago on my high school improv team.

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Boys With Cars Forum on Cultural Appropriation, Female Empowerment & Male Privilege

By Lois Adamson

On International Women’s Day, we held a forum in connection with Nightswimming’s production of Boys With Cars – written, performed and choreographed by Anita Majumdar (Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children). Boys With Cars explores issues around unchecked male privilege, female empowerment and what constitutes consent – important subject matter to consider in these turbulent times. The show contrasts the experiences of a South Asian-Canadian high school girl trying desperately to fit in, with the life of the popular girl who seems to have everything. It’s a compelling fusion of dynamic theatre and classical Indian dance.

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Youth Artists for Justice – Week 3

By Rachel Rhoades

The Youth Artists for Justice program has just completed its third week at Young People’s Theatre. After learning about many strategies and principles of current and past social movements, the youth decided to focus on intersectionality and solidarity for their final performance. They are currently in the stage of interviewing community members to strengthen their understanding of the myriad social topics they are interrogating in their scenes. We practiced developed interview questions and rehearsed interviews skills in our last session.

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Hooked on Roald Dahl

By Amber Ebert, YPT School & Community Programs Manager

I discovered the books of Roald Dahl through my best friend in elementary school. She was reading The Witches and I was intrigued by the cover. The simple drawing of a smiling witch with long fingers surrounded by a bunch of bald little old ladies was like an invitation for me to pick up the book and dive into the story. From that beginning, I was hooked on Roald Dahl.

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